Estate Planning

Proper estate planning can help ensure that the assets you have accumulated over you life time goes to your family and loved ones. Without an estate plan, you are left to the default rules of the state you live in to decide who gets what. Often times, what the state has a default and what you want to happen do not match. A proper estate plan, depending on your situation, may consist of a will, living will, trust, and power of attorney.

Depending on your total assets and what type of assets you have, you will need a particular plan designed just for you. With the complexity of the laws in this area, you need an experienced estate planner to help you design the right plan for you. The John Roberts Law Firm will listen to you and your desires and will come up with a plan that will meet your needs. This will be done with the goal to minimize expenses, minimize taxes, hopefully avoid probate, and to ensure the right people receive your assets.

My office will explain the pros and cons of all your estate planning options and will guide you in selecting the right plan for you. I realize that money is tight in this economy and the right plan can end up saving your family thousands in unnecessary fees and costs.

My law office offers FREE initial consultations for all estate planning matters.

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