Domestic Violence

What it means.

Generally speaking, domestic violence occurs when you commit an act of violence to someone in your household. The penalties for these crimes are based on the severity of the offense and can involve jail time and other penalties. Sometimes, the alleged victim does not want to press charges and want the case to be dropped. Anyone arrested for a domestic violence offense should contact my office immediately so that I can begin to work on minimizing your exposure to these penalties.

How we can help.

Here at the John Roberts Law Firm, I will work diligently to defend you in these cases. Sometimes, you may not meet the standard of what the prosecutor has charged you with. Other times, you may need an aggressive attorney that can negotiate with the prosecutor to get you the minimum penalty available. Do not let the public defender handle your domestic violence case. Often, they have far too many cases to give your case the proper time and attention to make sure that your case is handled properly. I will work with you and the prosecutor to make sure your case is properly taken care of.

The next step.

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