Domestic Partnerships

What it means.

Many people live together these days without choosing to get married. Some people, do not have the legal option to get married. Until Florida law changes to allow same-sex marriages, or if a heterosexual couple simply does not want to get married, they still have some options. Often, when people live together, they desire to purchase property together, adopt children together, or mingle finances together. In order to protect each other's interests, these people can enter into a domestic partnership agreement. This is similar to a prenuptial agreement and is a contract that states what would happen in case the partnership came to an end. This is not to suggest that the ending of the arrangement is desired, but it simply provides a framework that the people can follow should a change occur.

How we can help.

The John Roberts Law Firm can help assist people in need of a domestic partnership agreement that can help solve as many of these issues as the law allows. This can prevent unnecessary and costly litigation and gives each person a road map to follow should the relationship come to an end.

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