What it means.

Either you or your spouse has filed or is considering filing for a divorce. In Florida, one party has to file a Petition for Dissolution to start the divorce proceedings. This moment in time is very confusing and usually brings a lot of questions to mind. Often, there are many deadlines to meet that are time-sensitive. Here at the John Roberts Law Firm, I can help put your mind at ease and lead you down the correct path.

How we can help.

Let the John Roberts Law Firm sit down with you to discuss your rights and options. Do not go it alone. Let me walk you through all of the complexities of the divorce and allow me to fight for your rights and protect your children. Allow me to explain the various options you have such as: contested divorces, uncontested divorces, post nuptial agreements, and mediations. I will explain the pros and cons or each option and the expected costs. Together, we will put together a game plan to reach your desired outcome.

The next step.

Do not delay, contact the John Roberts Law Firm today to schedule an initial consultation.

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