Overview of Criminial Defense

If you have been arrested, or you think you may be arrested soon, you should contact an attorney immediately to protect your rights. It is important that you contact the John Roberts Law Firm as soon as possible so that you do not give the police or prosecutor any information that can further incriminate you. Finding the correct criminal attorney can be a costly endeavor. My law office offers FREE initial consultations for all criminal matters.

Here at the John Roberts Law Firm, we realize that money is tight in the current economy. However, do not let a public defender handle your case. In general, public defenders have too many cases to give a proper effort to each defendant. Do not get stuck with an initial offer without speaking to me first.

I also realize that every criminal matter is different and should be priced accordingly. We will sit down with you and formulate a plan of representation for you that is not only thorough, but also affordable.

Please contact my office immediately for a FREE consultation or click on one of the subheadings below for more information.

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